The Insights Library: The Next Generation with AI

Learn more about E.ON’s Insights Library, with a €70 million knowledge asset, and an impressive ROI of €23 million per year in time savings· See how AI technologies and personalized user interfaces enables a social, mobile workforce to drive decisions with insights

Unlocking plant-based meat product strategies with social data

Exploring online conversations around plant-based meat products and how people describe these Surfacing consumers’ evaluations of the taste, texture, smell and appearance of plant-based meat products Uncovering a deeper understanding of what consumers specifically like and dislike about plant-based products to feed into future product development improvements and product messaging

Finding Disruptive Ways to Deliver Research Results to Henkel’s Agile Fuzzy Front End Of Innovation

Creating a research solution that embraces agility, iterative testing and fast cycle times, whilst being consumer-centric and fully hybrid Using a combination of qual and quant to create and validate insights at the same time Increasing engagement and participation of respondents through network based (online) research Integrating consumer feedback into the ideation process through iterative […]

Faster and Better Human Centric Design Thinking is Possible

With companies facing greater pressure to deliver more research and less time, learn the latest innovations to expedite research without compromising human centric values Innovation with design thinking incorporated – ways to conduct research that is faster and optimized Key takeaways learned from delivering fully designed propositions in 4 weeks from brainstorm to pack with […]

Faster innovation through design sprints

Uncover how to spend just a fraction of time on a totally ready to run integrated advertising campaign or new product feature The design sprint: Boosting product value and faster innovation both in product and brand development Effectively dealing with integrated advertising campaigns, rebranding or go-to-market challenges

Rookies vs Oldtimers – the new frontier!

Evaluating the agency relationship: when DHBW students delivers professional level results, what is the value of the agency? How to assure that agencies are delivering true value and impact – and how we should be working with agencies differently when they’re not performing up to expectations

Convergent research techniques in customer journey mapping

Getting a relatively new insights team to deliver a holistic understanding of the customer experience (fast!) using hybrid user and market research techniques Training and empowering stakeholders to conduct paired interviews with participants immediately after workshops Bringing together knowledge from other insight generating functions (data analytics, reactive community feedback) using workshop techniques Results: increasing business […]