Kinectivity: The Unified Relationship Theory of Everything

Is there a single explanation or master theorem that explains all the idiosyncratic, self-destructive, artistic, humane and inhumane ways that we interact with each other? How does this apply to brands, businesses and their competitive advantage? How do customers feelings around themselves, social influence, and brand positioning affect their relationships with brands/businesses? Lessons from Japan: […]

Future Proof: A case for user-centred foresight at Kao Salon

Designing user oriented foresight: drafted by users, crafted for stakeholders Developing beauty trends through a multi-level research approach engaging trend experts, lead users and clients Creating a series of workshops with different stakeholders and feeding the results into a global online forum Making trend research an integral and relevant part of the innovation process

Roundtables : Business challenge roundtables

Decision-making across stakeholders – How to build a process that allows for easy direction changes Aliya Mirza, Insight Lead Sky Labs, Sky Changing corporate culture to increase acceptance of research recommendations Alison Schembri, Market Research Manager, GO plc Managing Big Data disruptions of traditional market segmentation approaches Jemma Ahmed, Head of Insights, Badoo How to […]

Accelerating Innovation Through Qual

Preventing the silos that obstruct decision making and perceive research results as a potential business threat How qualitative research can be the catalyst to bring together stakeholders and break down silos of information across departments/disciplines