Carina Stenbäck, Swedish Moderators


Carina has worked with marketing since 1996 and with marketing research since 2003. Carina has a Bachelor in Economics and Marketing from the University of Stockholm. Carina is experienced with both coordinating big international researches as well as smaller domestic researches. Carina focuses on qualitative research and has a good qualification in getting a nice and committed focus group atmosphere both online and offline. Carina works with the whole spectrum of industries, e.g. from media to finance and FMCG. Example of clients is The Swedish riksbank, Kärcher, Unilever, VW and Barilla to mention a few. Carina is driven by understanding the consumers behavior in their context and their underlying needs, believes and attitudes. Specialties: brand strategies and product and concept development. Carina also holds lectures in qualitative and quantitative methods.

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