Lena Hamnholm, Swedish Moderators


Lena is co-founder, partner and consultant at Swedish Moderators AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Lena has a wide experience of moderation, analysis and producing useful insights for better businesses. The 10 000 Hours of Practice is achieved, without shortcuts. Lena is passionate about understanding,
knowledge driven development and the clients’ business. She has a contagious enthusiasm and curiosity. Specialties: brand development and communication studies. Lena has a Bachelor in Culture, Communication and Information, and a Master in Communication from the University of Stockholm. Conducting all sorts of qualitative research including consulting on the market for agricultural, books, banking, building products, cars
– Volvo XC90, SAAB, VW, Honda, Nissan, charity, cosmetics, education, electricity products, energy, environmental issues, FMCG especially food & drink – Arla Foods, Barilla, Unilever etc, fashion, finances, insurance, internet, IT/computers, mobile phones, magazines, newspapers, media, nuclear power, pharmaceuticals/healthcare especially diabetes issues, politics, shopping experience, television, telecom, wood industry.

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