Tom Rigby, Callosum Marketing Inc.

Founding Partner
Over the past nine years, Tom has channeled his passion for analytics and consulting into a very successful career. After leaving a large multinational in 2012, he co-founded Callosum, a marketing research firm that now has offices in Montreal and Toronto, Canada. His experience spans a range of industries, and he has applied quantitative and qualitative research techniques more than eight hundred times in order to help his clients navigate the marketing landscape. In addition to his career experience, Tom has furthered his professional development by completing an specialized course in Business Analytics at Harvard University, and by obtaining a variety of certifications related to marketing research and customer analytics. These have included “Certified Marketing Research Professional”, “Professional Researcher Certification”, “Certified Customer Experience Professional”, “Certified Customer Service Professional”, and “Professional of Customer Relationship Management”. Tom is the only person in North America to have obtained all five of these certifications. Outside of managing Callosum, Tom leads a variety of teaching engagements for both client and supplier-side researchers, and serves on the board of directors for two industry associations. Heis also a professor of marketing research at Centennial College in Toronto, and a regular contributor to his industry’s foremost publications.

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