Bianca Cawthorne, Butterfly

Founder & President
For as long as I can remember I have always had a novel on-the-go, or a film script I was imagining. Although my stories never made it to the bookstore, or scripts to screen, I have carried that love of storytelling throughout my career. The best stories rally our emotions, and this has been my professional mission; how to uncover, tap into and leverage emotion to create better brands and innovation. I bounced from client-side to agency-side, building up my experience and honing my skills before setting up Butterfly 10 years ago. I have spearheaded our emotional approach, challenging us to look at how we can get deeper, richer insight to create better, stronger brands. It’s a labour of love that has taken me across the world – sharing vodka with locals in Siberia and going to an Emerati wedding in Dubai. Having built the London team to 40, I am now fast-tracking the growth of our New York office.

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