Siamack Salari
Journey HQ

Journey HQ

Siamack Salari is a leading global expert in ethnographic and customer journey research, with more than 20 years’ experience pioneering developments in the field. As well as running in-house research units at several major international communications agencies, his extensive career has seen him found successful research businesses, and develop the world’s first mobile ethnographic research app. He also lectures in observational research at leading universities in the UK, France and India, and is a visiting fellow at King’s College London’s Department of Management.

Siamack has always been drawn to the task of capturing people’s behaviour as naturally as possible – but in a way that can be easily accessed by researchers. This has been a central theme through his long and varied career at the forefront of ethnographic research. He always had an underlying goal to come up with the technology that would not only take analogue work to digital, but would revolutionise the entire research process.

His eureka moment came in 2009, with the advent of smartphones and in-built video capabilities. Suddenly, it was possible for ethnographers to capture real-time customer behaviour and categorise it on the spot, before sending it back to a central database for interpretation. The EthOS app was born, and has since celebrated great success amongst marketing teams at major household names and smaller brands alike.

The launch of Journey HQ is the next step in the story. Journey HQ is the breakthrough research tool that uses mobile technology to provide marketers with unaffected, genuine insight into customers’ natural decision-making behaviours. All of this, whilst completely removing the presence (and influence) of the researcher.

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