Ruth Walker-Grice, PSB

Ruth is a Director at PSB, a WPP agency that develops research-driven strategies to help its clients solve their most critical challenges. From presidential campaigns to the Fortune 500 to Hollywood blockbusters, PSB works with some of the world’s most trusted and famous brands, including Coca-Cola, Disney, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Expert on both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, Ruth has nearly 10 years’ experience as a moderator and interviewer, conducting hundreds of focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnographies, both in the UK and overseas. She has interviewed C-Suites on how they are tackling gender inequality; explored opinions on Brexit with voters; and spoken to pre-teens about video games. She also worked with a major retailer on an ethnographic panel of British families, observing their shopping behaviour in supermarkets, poring over the minutiae of their finances, and discussing how some of the country’s poorest families make ends meet.

Prior to PSB Ruth worked in the political sphere, supporting UK Members of Parliament in Westminster, and working for the Labour Party.

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