Laure Payen, Haystack

Laure is a bossa nova fan and a research director, in this order.

In many overloaded market categories, it is not uncommon for brands to develop offers that are either copy-cats or lack relevancy. Her passion is to co-create with consumers in order to develop propositions that add meaning to their lives. She helps her clients, mostly in the FMCG translate consumer insights into valuable new products or brand positionings so that they can be future-proof. ​

No single approach is the right one for each challenge, so Laure has been trained in a range of techniques, including ethnography, mobile qual, semiotics. ​

At haystack international, she has found the place to develop new hybrid techniques for qualitative research: hand in hand with sensory experience and product tasting, blending science and emotions.​

Laure’s educational background includes a Master in business administration at the University of Liège although she prefers to be around sociologists and psychologists, and transmit her passion to younger qualitative researchers. As a team leader at haystack international in Belgium, she transfers the values of qualitative research including active listening, non judgment, importance of context and flexibility among others.​

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