Jeremy Hollow, Listen & Learn Research

founder of Listen + Learn Research

Jeremy Hollow is the founder of Listen + Learn Research, an insights agency that uses social data to help brands + their agencies find new opportunities for growth.
Hollow started Listen + Learn in 2011 after helping to establish a research communities agency. He brought his experience in all areas of research to create a company combining the best of tech with the best of humanity. An agency that understands the nature and potential of the social conversation to bring a much needed outside-in perspective to organisations.
Three years after running social conversation projects in consumer markets, Hollow realised a missed opportunity in traditional research. So he took Listen + Learn into the world of internal company data, helping organisations get to the ‘why’ behind their survey and other forms of customer data.
At Listen + Learn, Hollow helps organisations use this conversational data (internal or from social media) to get a new perspective on: human behaviour, the customer experience, marketing effectiveness and innovation. He’s helped launch new products, change public perceptions, assess brands, improve the customer experience and find new opportunities for creative storytelling.
He’s is a finalist for a number of MRS and TMRE’s Innovation in Research awards, and a regular conference speaker on what can be learnt by really listening to your customers.
A Fellow of the Royal Society, Hollow is an expert in using the social conversation to inspire organisations to be more successful.

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